Top 10 reasons to visit Bhutan with Druk Explorer Tours & Trek

If happiness were a place, it was certainly Bhutan. Known for its spectacular landscapes, ancient monuments, exquisite cuisine, vibrant festivals Bhutan is no ordinary place. Well, if you are tired of the monotonous city life and want to cherish a moment or two in the lap of Mother Nature Bhutan is undoubtedly the place for you!

Every decision in Bhutan is taken while keeping in mind benefit of its people. The government aims at preserving its rich culture and tradition. Bhutan is very much aware of the devastating consequences of modernization and therefore has decided to move at a slow pace without losing its authenticity.

When to visit Bhutan?

There is no appropriate season to visit Bhutan. One can visit Bhutan at any time of the year. Bhutan’s warm and temperate climate, heritage sites and never ending festivals provide the visitors with a bundle of experience throughout the year.

Spring is the most wonderful time of the year with emerald green valleys and fresh vegetation. You can also be a part of the Paro Tsechu festival. Autumn in Bhutan is warm and pleasant with clear blue skies providing one with a wide array of some tallest mountains in the world. Monsoon is quite prevalent in Bhutan. It receives a lot more rainfall than any other Himalayan region. Winter is cold and chilly and is probably the best time to explore the western districts.

Why visit Bhutan?

There are a plenty of reasons as to why you should visit Bhutan.

  • GNH over GDP



Rather than considering the economic development, Bhutan measures its overall development in terms of happiness. Bhutan is the only country to measure Gross National Happiness (GNH) as an index of its welfare.

  • Tsechus: The Annual Festival


Festivals depict happiness and vibrancy, and the Tsechus are no less. Tsechus are basically social gatherings where mask dances and other cultural performances take place. People from near and far gather to witness this festival.

  • Hike the Mountains

The trek route might seem to be challenging for you, but the pristine beauty you get to witness is nothing compared to the difficulties you faced. You can also come in contact with the farmers and hardy highlanders.

  • Fiery Cuisine


Bhutan’s Cuisine is definitely a reason as to why you should visit this place. Get ready to set your tongue on fire when exploring the exclusive cuisine of Bhutan. Chili and cheese is like a staple in their diet and is served with almost every meal. Ema Datshi, their national dish is a spicy meal made out of green chilies and cheese.

  • Spiritual Retreat

Buddhism and Bhutan go hand in hand. It’s not just a religion but a way of living. Buddhism is deep rooted in the society thereby making Bhutan one of the most peaceful places on Earth. If you want to get away from the noise and chaos of city life, try Bhutan’s meditation agendas.

  • Blissful Taktsang Monastery


Also known as the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Taktsang is one of the most visited Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan. It is believed that Guru Rinpoche flew to this cliff on the back of a raging tigress, hence the name Tiger’s nest.

  • Cultural Heritage

Bhutan’s Culture is something you must witness .It is a land of some beautiful monasteries and fortresses. Buddhism is their national religion and it is deeply rooted in the society. The country is much more ahead than others in terms of cultural development.

  • Unexplored Mountains


Bhutan has a number of unexplored mountains like Mount Jhomolhari, Drake etc.The governments have prohibited mountaineering in these mountains as they are believed to be home to celestial beings.

  • Scenic Beauty

Bhutan has a lot to offer you when it comes to beauty. The mountain passes with blooming rhododendrons in the spring season is like a treat to the eyes. The country is rich in flora and fauna and is home to some exotic and rare mammals and birds.

  • Museums and Monuments


Museums and monuments in Bhutan are renowned for their classic architecture. The Dzongs which were ancient forts are now converted to administrative centers. They are decorated in variant colors and shapes thereby reflecting typical Buddhist architecture.

Some of the Popular Tourist Destinations in Bhutan:

  • Rimpung Dzong, Paro
  • Chele La Pass, Paro
  • Punakha Dzong
  • Buddha Dordenma Statue, Thimpu
  • Dochula Pass
  • Tiger’s Nest, Paro
  • Phobjikha Valley, Phobjikha
  • Chomolhari
  • Norzin Lan Street, Thimpu
  • Main Street, Paro
  • Tashicho Dzong, Thimpu
  • Drukgyel Dzong, Paro
  • Motithang Takin Reserve, Thimpu
  • National Museum of Bhutan, Paro

Some of the Popular Bhutan Tour Packages:

Bhutan  – “The Land of Thunder Dragons” is still not a major travel destination as compared to other countries. But at the end of the blog I am sure you will realize why Bhutan should be your next destination. Also known as the last Shangri-La, this country provides you with a panoramic landscape, breathtaking valleys and plethora of exotic flora and fauna. For more information, contact the best travel agency in Jaigaon for any queries related to Bhutan and Bhutan Tour Packages.