Top 10 Restaurants in Bhutan offering Delicious Food

Bhutan is one of the most revered tourist destination in the world. Be it the ancient monastery or the royal palace, the country of Bhutan has everything for its visitor. Besides nature, the people of this country are also quite simple and happy. And it adds to the reasons for visiting the mountain kingdom located in the Himalayas once in a lifetime.

In Bhutan, There are a number of restaurants which serve traditional Bhutanese Food, Indian, as well as other cuisines to cater to the needs of the tourists. Read on to know more about these delicious restaurants, which you should definitely cover on your trip to the country.

List of Top 10 Best Restaurants in Bhutan

  1. Bukhari at Uma by COMO

Bukhri is one of the most acclaimed places to have a Bhutanese meal.  This place normally gets packed by travelers who visit the city of Paro. The ambiance of this diner is international and all the staffs are very courteous. If this restaurant is in your bucket list, then must try Ema Datsi, the national food of Bhutan, which basically is a mix of one full green chili and delicious local (melted) cheese.

Location: Paro, Bhutan

Cost for one: INR 2000

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  1. Sonam Trophel Restaurant

Sonam Trophel Restaurant is a moderately priced dinner in Bhutan and it is one of the best restaurants in Paro. Here you can enjoy delicious and authentic Thukpa, Datshi and Momos. Sonam Trophel serves vegetarian as well as the vegan meal, so if you are up to try some vegetarian Bhutan food, then it’s going to be the best place for you. At this hotel, you can also enjoy different Asian delicacies at nominal

Location: Paro Tshongdue, Paro, Bhutan

Cost for one: INR 900

  1. Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant

Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant is undoubtedly the best restaurant in Thimphu. You will become a fan of this restaurant if you try their buckwheat pancakes, authentic butter tea, or other delicacies made of eggplants and beans. The ambiance of this restaurant also very traditional and people will definitely get a feel of a regular Bhutanese home in here.

Location: Folk Heritage Museum, Thimphu, Bhutan

Cost for one: INR 750

  1. Babesa Village Restaurant

If you having a thought about the authentic Bhutan non-vegetarian food, then there is a chance you will land up in Babesa Village Restaurant. At this dinner, try their set meals starting with hot beverages like butter tea, next in the list are rice, dried pork/beef curry, different vegetables like turnip, eggplants and at last fern with cheese. All in all, this is going to be the perfect place for people who want to try the exotic native cuisine on their trip to Bhutan.

Location: Thimphu, Bhutan

Cost for one: INR 750

  1. San Maru Restaurant

San Maru Restaurant runs by a Bhutanese-Korean couple and this is the only place in the country you can gorge at absolutely delicious Korean food. Here you will find the country’s best Bibimbap along with the barbecued chicken. Like most other places of Bhutan, this restaurant is also done in traditional interiors and offers one of the best dining experiences in this country.

Location: Norzin Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

Cost for one: INR 900

  1. Champaca Cafe

Thinking of a cup of amazing coffee or scrumptious food? The Champaca Café has all. The place was designed quite tastefully with high wooden stools taking in the place of usual tables and chairs. The food of this cafe is appetizing; and you can find anything you want ranging from pizzas, burgers, and several kinds of sandwiches to various types of baked goods like cakes, pastries, cookies, and other fresh items. Their aromatic coffee of this place is a sleeper hit amongst the locals and hikers alike!

Location: Main Street, Paro, Bhutan

Cost for one: INR 500

  1. Zombala

Zombala Located in the middle of the market is the perfect place to charge your batteries after strolling out the markets of Thimphu. The place serves mouth-watering momos, the Ema Datshi with ingredients like mushrooms and chicken. The food is moderately priced and you will also find an in-house-bar.

Location: Hong Kong Market, Thimphu, Bhutan

Cost for one: INR 400

  1. Taktsang Cafeteria

Taktsang Cafeteria, Located midst the hills is a beautiful place on the halfway to the Tiger’s Nest. At this cafe, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Bhutan With their scrumptious meals.

Location: Paro, Bhutan

Cost for one: INR 600

  1. Bhutan Kitchen

Bhutan Kitchen is another place to enjoy traditional dining in Bhutan. Here you will find the traditional low seating option. The ingredients used in this kitchen are fresh and local, which enhances the aroma and taste. If you are here, don’t forget to try their lentil soup and stir-fried veggies with red rice.

Location: Gatoen Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

Cost for two: INR 1800

  1. Ambient Café

The ambiance of Ambient Cafe has a fusion of typical Bhutanese elements and European cafes. Here you will find books along with several curios. The interiors of Ambient Café are quite tasteful and it adds a fun vibe in the whole place. While you are in here, enjoy their delicious pizzas, sandwiches along with iced tea and different kinds of shakes. This café will surely give you an experience of the Himalayan kingdom.

Location: Norzin Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

Cost for one: INR 600

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