Top 5 Adventure Activities in Bhutan with Druk Explore Tours & Trek

Everyone should visit this beautiful country at least once in their lifetime to experience the great joy with their friends, family or as a solo. Despite being a landlocked country in southeastern Asia; this country is gifted with a great landscape. Take an unforgettable bike ride through the hills of this great country; it is one of the best ways to travel Bhutan and also the most coveted activities performed by the tourists. Bhutan is a great place and travel agency in Bhutan will help you to quench your wanderlust with the land of scenic monasteries and natural. Bhutan in the Himalayas, and because being in this area; this place has become a hub for many adventure sports. Rather being just a religious and spiritual place to relax Bhutan offers you so many activities that can surely make you feel thrills or take your breath away. Bhutan is not just all about amazing monasteries high mountain passes and a hotspot for adventure sports, this country is also a great place to see wildlife at its best and birding also a favorite activity for many travelers who visit here. Bhutan has over 600 species of birds, so you can obviously call Bhutan the birdwatcher’s paradise.

Bhutan was hidden in the folds of the Himalaya, and that is why it was unknown to the world for thousands of years. Wedged between India and China, this little country has an exceptional development model and that is known as Gross National Happiness. To save our planet from ecological disaster; it provides a perfect recipe. Even as from the scars of ecological damage, the world is trying to heal itself. To the international community, Bhutan is emerging as an example with more than 70 percent of its land still under forest cover.

Top 5 Adventure Activities in Bhutan :

  • River Rafting


When the rafting word comes in our mind we get an image of the rapids and strong currents while screaming with joy and thrill, but meanwhile in the Bhutan trip, rafting gives you the pleasure to gently float down the river while soaking your mind in the surrounding beauty of nature and moving through some modest yet enlivening rapids. In Bhutan, you will get time to enjoy the exquisiteness of the lush green valley’s and watching rare species of birds, Instead of the thrilling adrenaline rush throughout the rafting rapids.

  • Trekking


This marvelous country offers an excellent opportunity to perform a trekking adventure with its stunning natural landscape, stretches of pastureland, lush green valleys, and snow-capped mountains, dense mixed forests, and crystal clear lakes. For both beginners and experts, the varied landscape of Bhutan provides for easy to excruciating trekking opportunities. In your Bhutan trip, some of the treks demand a certain level of physical fitness. But with these treks, you can explore some of the most unspoiled and remote parts of the country where the beauty of the pristine landscape will enthrall you.

  • Kayaking


The majestic rivers of Bhutan offer plenty of opportunities to experience water sports like Kayaking. In Bhutan, there are six rivers, and this rivers and their tributaries provide a variety of courses perfect for amateur as well as veteran kayakers. In Bhutan, the water adventure sports tourism is relatively new. However, these bountiful rivers with currents ranging from slow to violent provide the kayakers the perfect opportunity to savor the adrenaline rush in the body in the midst of the beauty of nature.

  • Cycling


Bicycles and Bhutan are a perfect fit. In the Himalayan, the tiny remote mystical Kingdom of Bhutan is probably the most culturally rich Kingdoms and is one of the most inaccessible. Bhutan tucked away at the eastern end of the mighty Himalaya, is a wonderful place for cycling with the exhilarating descent, dense mixed forest and lush meadows, traditional villages and ancient Dzongs. For travelers, cycling is also a unique way of experience the rich culture and tradition and its warm countrymen.

  • Rock Climbing


In Bhutan, Rock Climbing is a sport which is full of adventure and thrill. It was initiated by the “Vertical Bhutan Climbing Club” as early as 1998. In the country of dzongs, Rock climbing is performed by almost all of the adventure enthusiasts. In your 5N 6D Bhutan Package you can undertake this activity to see the breathtaking view of the country. Tour operator in Bhutan offers all the climbing equipment and training to the climbers. The climbing rock is located right above the capital city Thimpu and known as the Nose. If you are the person who loves to take risk and fond of trill then there are thirteen climbing routes with varying degree of difficulty, take you to the top. To reach the nose, you need to climb Dead Man Walking, Easy Peasy, Reach N Preach, Wedding Presented, and Half Moon and so on.

Why in Bhutan considered the Most Favourable Destination in the World?

Bhutan does have a great variety of rare plant and wildlife species for its traveler to experience. We can find the dense forests, ranging from the sub-tropical to the temperate and the alpine. And it is also the home of endangered and rare and species of mammalian wildlife like the Blue Sheep, Tiger, the Himalayan Black Bear, the elusive Snow Leopard, the Golden Langur, the Takin and so on. You can also get to see more than 700 species of birds, including dozens that are globally threatened. Phalla’s Fish Eagle, Rufous-necked Hornbill, White-bellied Her¬on, Black-necked Crane, Grey-crowned Prinia, and Beautiful Nuthatch all these species are included in this list.

Tour operator in Bhutan can help you to perform any Adventure sports, such as rafting, trekking, kayaking, rock climbing, and many more. You can also visit the Tiger’s Nest, a monastery which built on a Cliffside in Paro at the height of 10,000 ft above sea level. Travel agency in Bhutan has various kinds of Bhutan Tour Packages. In this package, you can relax, undertake any activities or you can just do meditation to rejuvenate your soul.