Top 7 Bhutan Dishes Everyone Should Try Out In Bhutan


Bhutan is a country that is unique in so many different ways. Apart from the beautiful sightseeing, it also has very interesting cuisines to offer to the tourists. Some of the regions have their own special food. Bhutanese people love spice and therefore chili is the chief ingredient in almost all the Bhutanese cuisines. People who are not a big fan of hot spices might find themselves a little uneasy however some chefs in various hotels and restaurants take their customer’s tolerance level into account and prepare dishes accordingly. Cheese is also one of the most important ingredients.

Vegetarian tourists need not worry as there are many vegetarian dishes available in Bhutan. An interesting fact is that despite the existence of many popular meat-based dishes, a significant number of Bhutanese people are vegetarians. Chinese and Indian dishes are also available in Bhutan.

Here are some of the most famous dishes that you should definitely try out when you visit Bhutan :


1. Ema Datshi


It is also the national dish of Bhutan. The dish is made with a blend of spicy chilies and cheese. The dish is served with red rice however you can choose what you want with the dish. You can either have the dish with gravy or with a thick creamy texture. There are many vegetables added to this dish like green beans, mushrooms and potatoes. Don’t leave Bhutan without trying this awesome dish.

2. Spicy Chicken or Jasha Maroo


Jasha Maroo is like a spicy stew or curry which is made with diced chicken, onion, garlic, chillies, tomato, ginger and coriander leaves. Ginger is a very essential element in the dish. It is served with chicken broth. Jasha maroo can be made from beef too. It is served with red rice. It is one of the most popular dishes of Bhutan. It may be a little spicy but even the spice adds to the taste of the dish.

3. Phaksha Paa


It is one of the most famous dishes of the Bhutanese people made from pork. The pork is sliced and stir-fried with whole red dry chillies ,ginger and Bok Choy aka White Mustard Cabbage or Pak Choy and is peppery to taste and has a celery-like stalk with dark leaves. Bok Choy is used in stews as well as fresh salads. Some Chefs even add radishes and spinach in Phaksha Paa. This dish is eaten with rice and other Datshi dishes.

4. Hoentay


This dish is an alternative to the famous dish momo. The dish is originated from the Haa Valley of Bhutan. It is made from Bhutanese buckwheat and is steamed or fried with different stuffings of green leafy vegetables, cheese and meat. The dish is served with Bhutanese chili sauce. You should definitely try out this dish if you are in Bhutan

5. Puta


Puta is basically traditional Bhutanese noodles. They are a better alternative to the regular noodles, as they are made from buckwheat. They are mostly served bolied. Some Bhutanese chefs spice up the dish by adding different sauces and sautéed vegetables. The staple food of Bhutan is buckwheat and a special dish made out of it is always highly praised.

6. Jaju Soup


This is a traditional soup which is served with other dishes as a side-dish. The soup is made up of vegetables like local spinach, or even turnips. Milk and butter are used to make the broth. The ingredient cheese is also added to the preparation to make it more delicious.

7. Suja


Suja is a form of a traditional butter tea which is usually served after meals and is found to be quite comforting in the cold weather. The butter is a dairy product of fresh yak milk. The butter is then boiled along with tea leaves and water. This drink tastes more like butter than tea. This type of tea is also relished in Tibet and parts of Nepal.

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