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Travel Agency in Bhutan for a wonderful and memorable Bhutan Trip

Travel agency in Bhutan provides the best services for a wonderful vacation in Bhutan - The Lank of Thunder Dragons. If you are a travel junkie or a nature lover then the country of Bhutan will not fail to mesmerize you. Bhutan is known by many enchanting names such as ‘the last Shangri-la’ and the ‘land of the thunder dragon.’ The country is shrouded with mysticism and magic. Bhutan is known to be the last great Himalayan kingdom still existing till date. It is a serene and enchanting country which has its own unique charm.

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Capital: Thimphu
Official language: Dzongkha

Why should you visit Bhutan?

Bhutan is a country that is very much unique both culturally and environmentally. The country is very much open to modern developments while strictly preserving their culture and traditions. The country of Bhutan is filled with mesmerizing monasteries and mind-blowing sceneries that will take your breath away. The people are well mannered and friendly. The best part of being in Bhutan is that they have a festival every month and you can take part in one of them but you should keep in mind that you are not allowed to take part in all festivals.

Places to visit in Bhutan with travel agency in Bhutan

There are many enchanting and wonderful places to visit in Bhutan. The surreal landscape and beautiful scenery has made Bhutan one of the top tourist attractions in the world

travel agency in bhutan
The Famous Himalayan Buddhist Site : Taktsang Monastery

If you are in Bhutan then you should definitely not forget to visit the place.The monastery is located on a Cliffside about 800m above the Paro valley and is one of the most famous sightseeing places in Bhutan. It is more of a pilgrim place which has to complete by a hike of about 12kms with amazing views of the Paro valley. If you want to visit this place then do contact Druk Explore, travel agency in Bhutan and in Jaigaon and learn about attractive discounts and offers they have.

travel agency in bhutan
The Architectural Beauty : Punakha Dzong

The Dzong is said to be the second largest structure in Bhutan which consist of luminous halls and its location in the confluence of the Phho Chu and the Mo Chhu Rivers make it a spectacular sightseeing place in Bhutan. It is one of the most reputed travel agency in Bhutan that will provide you with all the facilities as well as car rental to make your trip to Punakha Dzong enjoyable.

travel agency in bhutan
The Awe-Inspiring Statue : Buddha Dordenma

It is a giant structure of Buddha about 170feet and can be seen from all parts of the city of Thimphu. The peculiar feature of the statue is that there are about thousands on miniature Buddha statues engraved in one big statue. If you are planning to visit here then do not forget to take assistance from Druk Explore travels as they are the best tour operator in Bhutan.

travel agency in bhutan
The Traditional House : National Museum of Bhutan

The museum contains many ancient traditional paintings as well as contemporary ones which depict the history and myths of Bhutan.  There are  about 2890 masterpieces which depict a 1500 year old heritage of the Bhutanese people. The location of the museum is  Paro valley and if you want to visit here do contact Square trip as they are the best tour operator in Bhutan.

travel agency in bhutan
Fortess on a heap of Jewels : Rinpung Dzong

The Dzong was built in the 16th century famous for its architecture and is often nicknamed as the fortress on a heap of jewels as it definitely looks like one due to its superior architectural build. It is definitely one of the best sightseeing places in Bhutan. If you want to visit this place in Bhutan then do contact Square Trip as they are the best tour operator in Bhutan.

How to reach Bhutan ?

Via Road :

The nearest Railway station is NJP. From here you need to hire a cab that will take you to Siliguri. From Siliguri city you can take a bus or hire a car that will take you to Bhutan. Distance from Siliguri to Phuentsholing is 157kms approx.

Via Rail :

Bhutan does not have the facility of Railways. The nearest railway station is NJP. From Njp you can hire a private taxi or go to Siliguri and take a bus

Via Air :

This is the most convenient but expensive way of traveling in Bhutan. The country has 4 Airports out of which Paro is the sole international Airport.

Popular Bhutan Tour Packages

Best time to Visit Bhutan :

The country of Bhutan lies in the Himalayan belt and it is quite natural that the weather will be chilly. The ideal time to visit Bhutan would be from October to mid December. During this season the weather is quite fine and you will be able to witness clear skies. April to mid may is also quite favorable as it is the time when the Rhododendrons bloom.  The heat and humidity starts to gradually increase from May. Therefore it is advisable for all the tourists to avoid booking their tickets to Bhutan on May.

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